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9th Feb, 2022


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4th Feb, 2022

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Transformation By Truth
Your New Life Begins Here
Have you ever read the Gospel and/or the Book of Acts and wondered why the religious world is not operating with the same dominion, authority, and power manifested by Christ and His leading disciples?
I have—to the point where the Spirit convicted me and set me on a path to answer the most critical question concerning the modern church.
That is: why is the modern church failing to manifest the Father’s will in a similar manner as Christ and His leading disciples?
Christ, Himself, prophesied saying, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do…”
My dear friends, in a world filled with millions of so-called believers—and churches on nearly every street corner—I ask you: where are the greater works?
Where are the miracles, healings, signs, and wonders?
Where are the effectual prayer and fasting warriors?
Where are the men and women who don’t just call themselves Christians, but actually look like the man they claim to follow?
If these are questions you have asked and are still pondering, I have good news for you. After a dedicated season of prayer, fasting, and scriptural study, I found the answer.
The reason why the modern church is not operating anywhere near the spiritual levels of the “Early Assembly” is that its members (by and large) have not been transformed.
That is to say: there is a spiritual process by which we are assimilated into the image and likeness of Christ, having eliminated all our spiritual deficits, and replaced them with spiritual powers.
Regrettably, the modern church circuit is not focused on this transformation. Rather, they have accepted their inability to manifest crucial aspects of the Father’s will (i.e., the greater works), and they have shifted their focus to the facets of ministry which do not require dominion, authority, or power.
Here lies the problem; that is, scriptural theology proves it is impossible to inherit everlasting life if we fail to overcome all things—and it is impossible to overcome all things without dominion, authority, and power.
Christ testifies to this saying, “To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of Elohim.”
Therefore, seeing as the Father’s will is for all who have been called to be transformed into the spiritual model of His only Brought-forth Son, we cannot be saved if we do not succeed in this transformation.
Realizing this—and knowing there are honest believers in the world who need to hear the Truth concerning this transformation—the Father has commissioned me to launch this podcast to reach them, and to provide them with the tools, teaching, and training they need to be transformed.
Not only will this transformation certify their election into the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven; it will also allow them to experience the only authentic model of the abundant life—a model life that is not about physical wealth or material things. Rather, it is about spiritual blessings which have been reserved for those who live their life in accordance with the Truth—the same Truth I will be sharing in this podcast.
Here is my call to action: if you are tired of the religious status quo and leading the same non-victorious life year after year, and you sincerely desire to know the Truth concerning the only transformation that leads to everlasting life, I invite you to follow my podcast, and listen to every episode, because they are all inter-connected, being built 1 upon the other.
If you ever have any questions, you can ask them via our ministry website at www.pinnacleofholiness.com.
Last but not least, I ask you to share this podcast with any of your friends and/or family members who are in need of this Truth, for our world has been contaminated with lies and misinformation—and this 1 of few places where they can receive the Truth, and only the Truth can make us free. Amen.

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